Young Artist Participation- A programme for disseminating folk art and culture

We believe that the differences between human being and animal which make them separate are their emotions, ways of expression and special individual creativity. These are those, which restore humanity within human beings. It is very important to let this fire be burnt from childhood and there afterwards, to polish that with the phase of time till adultery.
In this present education system, we are struggling with the course modules in order to make them stand with the global education. Global education what advocates their readers to be “One” in every sense. In this global and modern educated world, a kid knows the variety in American street dance whereas he doesn’t know the dance form of his own village. He barely knows his local cuisine but for sure he has handsome idea of pizza, burger and other continental dishes. He listens blues, jazz but he never heard folk music. He reads about American Revolution, Russian and other country’s revolution but he has no idea about those village people who took part in Indian revolution and other social works. He pays respect for Mother Teresa but he has no stories or folklores of his motherland. For him, the language means Hindi or English. For him the world stands for representation of Books and Books are very national or International.
The above said doesn’t oppose global-education system. It is not that not to know worldly knowledge but it also supports the saying that to know surrounding is also an essential part of it. The uniqueness of each small village /town in respect of literature, music, dance, folk lore and social aspect would be a creative part and responsible part. At least people have their birth right to know about their roots. But when we are unable to provide them their root education, it would be a cheating. We can’t expect youngsters to live and work for their village and its development. There can’t be any attachment left having enjoyed 18-19 years of darkness (darkness from the root world). Once this knowledge will start spreading to everyone it would beneficial in two ways- 1. Maintenance of uniqueness of village culture and 2. With the global education system it can be transform in a new contemporary style so that youth can adopt their heritage in their own way. Later on, it will be completely on those kids that which way they chose to make their own destiny.
We want to introduce “Young Artist Participation (Y.A.P.)”.

Y.A.P. – Young Artist Participation is an initiate of BHOR-Society where we believe that every child is especially creative and need some motivation and inspiration by his own surroundings. We actually have lack of live Heroes around us. Y.A.P. will introduce so many live Heroes who lives nearby them in the field of folk art, craft, culture and literature or any other social creative activities. It may be any genius who left his job for fulfilling his village basic requirement i.e. water, electricity etc.
Y.A.P. will act as a supportive wing of college to promote and develop local level art forms and artists. The teen-age is the perfect age to develop and to polish. We need to work with the age group of 10- 15 years (From Standard 6 to standard 8). We will make a group of 6-10 students of YAP.

Formation of YAP- YAP is supposed to be a collective form of volunteers who work for artisans, especially to folk art forms. The selected colleges and schools would participate in a channelized way. It will count their future interest in such activities to promote via interview and written statements. We will ask school administration to work with class 6 to class 8 students as they are the best age group to work with this innovative concept. Secondly, that age group is having no such book/educational load on their shoulder. They can work in YAP without affecting their school activities, so far. YAP will also promote students in creative writings, music and production. They will be offered stage and programme for their creative pieces.

The benefits for YAP Students- We will provide a certificate for this 3 years participation course. Other than this recognition this will help them in given manners-

a. Creative- Students with YAP will have equal opportunity to work with artists in a group or individual. Participation in school level or National and international programme. Being a member, they will be welcomed for their creative and innovative ideas for ongoing and new projects.
b. Leadership- While working in a team, they would handle some real situations of event and other initiatives. Leadership is all about facing real situations and taking decisions. YAP is designed in such a way that student will design their course work and events by their own.
c. Skill Development – Students will be inspired to create their own space in this fast world. They can learn variety of work and the best thing within those according to their wish chart.
d. Personal Development- Working with different mind-set and nationality make one clever, witty and smart enough to work in any position.
e. Perception towards local art and culture will change- It can increase some interest within youths towards their surroundings. They are like numb for their local art and artists because there is no connection between them. YAP can connect and work as bridge between folk art forms and students.
f. Courageous and Decision taking – We will allow them to work independently so that they can use their ideas without thinking of its outcomes. It will enhance their mental strength as well as their decision power abilities.
g. Learning in a team will let them develop the ability to work and being coordinated- Team YAP would be a mini team of big international organisation “BHOR”. This society is running so many vivid projects, which will help YAP members to learn group work and coordination.
h. Ideas Development- New ideas and creation is the key theme of YAP, where we are trying to revive folk art work and literature in a new wrap.
i. Risk taking abilities- Art field is no precise. There are lots of efforts at a time required. Risk is a big factor in working with art and art fields which teaches a lot of courage and positive thinking to cop up!

Why YAP is important to be executed- There is no programme started yet with school children in the fields of folk and creative art. There is no State govt yet who introduced this programme. This Programme can initiate new ideas to young buds. Govt can make it public private partnership programme in the later stage of YAP for spreading this. There are various schemes in school level for developing other curricular activities but there is no programme in school run by any govt to promote local artists and to let them be known by young kids. It would be a nice initiate, taken by State Govt in really a nominal budget. To check working ability of YAP, it can be start in its pilot stage. Later on, if it would be noticed as beneficial to students, it can be spread to other cities and places.

Note- we are expecting state and Central Govt. support for this progressive theme for youths. Along with Govt. we are also seeking other supporting hands from other govt. and non- govt. organizations or any corporate.