Who Can Apply

This residency is for photographers, painters and writers, but we are also open to other propositions. You are a musician who wants to come and practice your instruments and get some crazy inspiration? Perfect, this residency is for you. A sculptor who loves to work with found objects? Awesome, we love it. Actually, the only thing you need to keep in mind about this residency are your needs: if you need access to a studio as big as a gymnasium, if you want to be alone while you work or if you need a lot of electronic devises… then this residency is not for you. But if you love collaborations with artists you have just met, if you want new and colorful inspiration and love to understand the culture of the countries you visit in an interactive way, rather than going to a museum, this residency is for you! Still unsure?
Send us an email and give us a general idea of what you have in mind and we will tell you if you are the kind of artist we are looking for! The price of the residency totals $1000 for the 30 days. This cost includes food, accommodation and of course participation in all the activities planned to help you discover the wonderful culture and traditions of Uttarakhand.
We will need you to fill this application form And send it to us with:

CLICK TO Download Application Form

Your curriculum vitae A brief statement in which you tell us about your art practice and why you want to participate in RIDUTC, 5 images of your work if your medium allows it. For writers, please tell us about your practice (poetry, novel, etc), your inspirations (which author you like) or anything that you think will help us understand more the type of writer you are. We can also read your original texts if they are in English, French or Hindi. Applicants are asked to provide details of any intended personal projects during the residency at this stage and to send us this information along with the application form.
Please send us all the required documents to info.ridutc@gmail.com before May 15th 2019.