Someplace Magical

Michoacán – place by the water – is a State that proudly preserves its vast culture and traditions, that emerged from the fusion of two worlds.
Its immeasurable treasures witness its beauty, starting with an amazing collection of architectonic masterpieces that have held the history of extraordinary people from its bare origins. Morelia, its capital city and its 8 Magical Villages show evidence of this fact. Michoacán owns a huge variety of landscapes: woody mountains, valleys, canyons, lakes and coasts. The youngest volcano in the world “Paricutin” –place on the other side-, born in 1943 happens to be here as well. It also witnesses a unique phenomenon in the world, the natural spectacle concerning the Monarch butterfly, that travels thousands and thousands of kilometers running from cold winters in Canada, and finding warm shelter in this land.

Michoacán is also the region that hosts the P’urhépecha People, one of the oldest Empires of the Antique México, capable of facing the powerful Mexica or Aztec People. P’urhépechas cultivated the arts: music, dance and painting; and made exquisite handcrafts, specially art forms made with feathers. All this artistic sensibility, the modern traveler will discover on every corner of the state.

Michoacán has grown the most precious art expressions in hands of its artisans and musicians, in a fulfilled attempt of keeping the P’urhépecha wisdom alive. Its rich gastronomy seems not to have any boundaries, offering an endless variety of flavors. They knew how to take profit on grains and fruits to create an authentic world of unique tastes, with the perfect fusion of spices and products brought by the conquerors.

Michoacán is a State full of rich cultural and artistic tradition, heritage of the P’urhépecha funders and enriched with the colony. A culture full of colors and legends; endured by the kindness, warmth, and affection of its people.

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