P’URHÉ– Program of Residence and Artistic Production in Michoacán

P’urhé raises as a project of short artistic residency that will last 5 weeks and will take place once or twice per year. During this stay, several activities will be performed in the interest of and artistic – cultural exchange in terms of ideas, projects, and applicable techniques to different artistic disciplines that may interest the participants.

1. Short workshops focused on the elaboration or learning of the most outstanding elements of the cultural heritage of the Purhépecha people.

    • Purhépecha Folk Dance
  • (Danza de los Viejitos, Danza de los Cúrpites)

    • Traditional Purhépecha Music (Pirekua, son y abajeño)
    • Purépecha Cuisine
    • Embroidery (For the making of the typical huanengo)
    • Papel picado (It is an outstanding form of art in the conception of mexicanity, very important in the celebration of Day of the Dead, with has a huge presence in the state of Michoacán).
    • Peribanas (Elegant handmade wood pieces elaborated with the Maque technique).
  • ​2. Short workshops or artist talks guided by the artists. In order to ensure an exchange on both directions, participant artists are also encouraged to share their knowledge on the cultural resources of their states / countries.

    3. Artist talks. Participants will be able to make a presentation on their personal projects, with the purpose of creating a dialogue and feedback platform among artists.

    4. Visits to places of historical, artistic and cultural relevance. On the understanding that culture lives also throughout the traditions of people, we consider of great importance that artists will be able to behold these manifestations on their natural contexts. See from the hands of their artisans all their Works, taste the typical dishes, listen to traditional music on their original environments. For all these reasons, short trips will be organized during the weekends.

    5. Assistance to cultural festivals and important celebrations of the region.
    6. Exhibition – presentation. We are aware that promotion is an important part of any creative process in terms of cultural and artistic manifestations; to take projects al the way to the beholder’s gaze and favor a feedback dynamic. For these reasons, it will be of invaluable importance to provide a platform in which local and invited artists will share their work and interact with the public.

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