Welcome to PREMC

Welcome to PREMC “Programme of Residential Experience in Mayurbhanj Culture”. Utkal University of Culture, Bhubaneswar is the University Partner of BHOR, for this PREMC Programme.  We welcome you to participate in our residency over the 30 day period.

Submit your research paper or article for international journal of first international cultural residency- PREMC
The first thing you have to know about PREMC is that this is NOT the typical art residency, but this will be the time of your life! In fact, while you will have free time to work on your personal project, PREMC will concentrate on discovering Indian culture – the one practice in Orissa, to be precise. Therefore, your weeks will be divided in two: the first part of the week, will be about learning, through participating in local festivals, going into the houses of people (who will tell you about their rituals, daily life and beliefs), attending talks given by specialists (university teachers, professional artists, priests) and visiting temples and other important places in the surrounding area. In the second half of the week, we will give you time to breath as no activities will be planned, it’s time for you to transform all this inspirational matter into your own creativity and art projects!
We encourage artists to apply to this residency with an open heart and mind – it might be easier for you if you don’t already have a precise project in mind, because India is the land of the unexpected! Be prepared to be surprised, to experience a new pace of living and to learn to deal with change and flexible planning. But that is not all! be prepared to dance, to sing and to be stimulated by wonderful colours, beautiful temples and intense people that will always find something to laugh about. It is your chance to bond with people you would never get the chance to meet otherwise and to break down cultural barriers and preconceptions and expand your horizons.

Utkal University of Culture has the distinction of being Asia’s first Culture University and PREMC residency is delighted to be partnered with such an illustrious and reputable Institution.