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With Nagar Palika Ramnagar(Nainital)

In the financial year 2015-16, Nagar-Palika (Municipality) supported us and we organized their 3 functions back to back. Along with a charity programme, we executed “Utraini Festival” which is a folk festival of Uttarakhand. A programme called “Sannrityam Republic Day Festival” was also designed which was a republic day programme in which, an inter School competition of dance, singing and acting was held.



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Uttraini is a uttarakhand local festival which comes on 14th of January. Usually people prepare ghughute (Folk-cuisine) and offer this to Crow and children say “kale kawwa kaale ghughuti baasuti khaale” and demand gifts.

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3. Sannrityam- 26 January festival

BHOR Society and Nagar Palika parishad Ramnagar create a 26 January as a festival. This is for our Republic. For this Ramnagar’s so many schools were participating and performing awesome things. This festival we divided four parts theater play, group dance, group song and poster. All students were participating more than expectation.

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Ram Dutt Joshi Remembrance Programme
BHOR is organizing a yearly programme in memorial of Ramdutt Joshi. He was a writer, philosopher and ex. M.L.A. too. We memorize him by composing and reciting his poems, songs. Every year we celebrate his life-style by discussing his work pattern, artistic approach, and his vision on labor, his deep vision on politics etc. He is a role model for present days, indeed.


Voting Campain For Chunaav Ayog
During Uttarakhand Parliament Election-2017, BHOR Society supported Election Commission to increase voting percentage in Ramnagar Vidhan Sabha. We made a short play to aware people about their “right to vote”.