It is a collaboration platform addressed to the production and promotion of artistic means focused on the relation between art and nature. The program intends to offer to artists the possibility of participating on a residency in the Region Meseta P’urhépecha in the State of Michoacán.

During the stay several activities will take place with the purpose of an artistic and cultural Exchange in terms of ideas, projects, applicable techniques to diverse artistic disciplines of interest to participants. Several facets and the results of this experience will be exhibited at the term of the residency.


Artists (professional /emergent) and art students of the visual disciplines (painting, photography, art video, drawing, sculpture), music and composition, literature, dance, culture agents and promoters, interested on Mexican culture, and more specifically on the P’uhrépecha ancient heritage of the state of Michoacán, and the processes of cultural Exchange with artists from other states of the Mexican Republic and other countries.


Sunday october 16th – sunday novemeber 20th 2016 (5 weeks)

Open to all.

P’urhé raises as a project of short residency and artistic production that will last for 5 weeks. During the stay, several activities will be performed in the interest of and artistic – cultural Exchange.

1. Short workshops focused on the elaboration or learning of the most outstanding elements of the cultural heritage of the Mexican and more specific, the Purhépecha people.
· Dance
-Mexican Folk Dance
-Traditional P’urhépecha Dance (Dance of the Oldmen,
Dance of the Cúrpites)
-Prehispanic Dance
-Latinamerican Dance

· Music
– Traditional P’urhépecha music (Pirekua – declared Untouchable Heritage of Humanity by the UNESCO, son and abajeño)
– Popular Mexican music

· Cuisine

· Traditional textile design (For he confection of different types of traditional costumes such as rebozo, guanengo, shirt, cloth napkins.)

· Catrinas and Calaveras (Important element on the celebrations of “Day of the Dead” and an icon on toda’s popular Mexican imaginary)

· Papel picado (important popular art in the concept of mexicanity, used in the celebration of Day of the Dead, which has an outstanding presence in the state of Michoacán.

· Peribanas (Elegant handmade woodcrafts with the technique of Maque)

· Legends and storytelling of México

* This residency intends primarly the cultural exchange and the teaching of group workshops to promote the P’urhépecha Culture. However, there is the possibility of participating to develop a personal project that demands the totality of the time, in which case, we advice to take at least one of the workshops and get involved in some of the group activities. Given this situation, the cost of the residency will remain the same.

2. Short workshops or artist talks guided by the artists.
In order to ensure an exchange on both directions, participant artists are also encouraged to share their knowledge on the cultural resources of their states / countries.

3. Artist talks.
With the purpose of providing a feedback platform among the artists and a dialogue around current and future projects, that will allow collaborations between artists and local residents, we encourage all artists to share their work.

4. Integration activities.

-Sharing circle. One of the concept columns of this residency is interculturality. Another dialogue scenario includes conversations with people who represent the indigenous community, focused on sensibility towards cultural diversity.

– Creative walks. Considering common interests of participants, we can plan short walking excursions to see the environment of the area, take pictures and/or video and know more about the costumes of the locals.

5. Visits to places of historical, artistic and cultural relevance.

On the understanding that culture lives also throughout the traditions of people, we consider of great importance that artists will be able to behold these manifestations on their natural contexts. See from the hands of their artisans all their Works, taste the typical dishes, listen to traditional music on their original environments. For all these reasons, short trips will be organized during the weekends. We envisage to visit the capital city Morelia, Uruapan –where flowers and fruits bloom at the same time-, the Magical Towns of Pátzcuaro –where Gods are-, Santa Clara del Cobre and Tzintzuntzan –place of hummingbirds-, as well as Paracho – tribute-, Zirahuén –mirror of the Gods-, Camécuaro –place of hidden sorrow-, Angahuan –place beyond the hill-, Paricutín volcano, the Island of Janitzio –flower of corn- and the Valley of the Eleven Towns.

The Program “Magical Villages of México”, run by the federal government of México, contributes to the recue and valorization of certain towns, and it is a public recognition to the labor of their inhabitants in keeping the cultural and historical treasures intact. Nowadays, Michoacán is one of the States of the Mexican Republic with more Magical Villages. The travel itinerary of P’uhré intends to visit some of these towns.

6. Cultural Festivals and important celebrations.

-“Artistic Contest of the Purhépecha People” in Zacán.
This outstanding project has a great importance all along the State, with the purpose of rescuing and projecting the ancient traditions of the P’urhépecha Culture, throughout dance and music. Zacán has become the heart of a resurrected Culture.

-“Celebration of the Day of the Dead”.
(Untouchable Heritage of Humanity UNESCO)
This celebration honors the dead with rituals that fuse indigenous and catholic traditions. It takes place from october 31th to november 2nd. Being certain that the dead will be ofended with feelings of sadness and sorrow, Day of the Dead offers tribute to the deceased with the food, drink, party and activities they enjoyed while they were alive. Day of the Dead recognizes death as a natural fase of life; during the celebration, the souls of the deceased are called from they eternal rest to share with they beloved living ones.

7. Exhibition – presentation.
We are aware that promotion is an important part of any creative process in terms of cultural and artistic manifestations; to take projects all the way to the beholder’s gaze and favor a feedback dynamic. For these reasons, it will be of invaluable importance to provide a platform in which local and invited artists will share their work and interact with the public.

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