How to Reach us

There are many flights to Delhi Airport from the various countries/destinations. For PECAH-2019, upon reaching Delhi Airport, PECAH team-members will receive all participating artists, just outside the Airport Terminal exit/entrance door (only people travelling are allowed inside the Airport Terminal). We will travel by hired bus to Ramnagar that day. The journey to Manila Hill station (in the Region of Almora) where the Residency will be held, will be staggered over a two day period, due to the distance and altitude involved. On the first night of the 16th Feb 2019, participants will stay in the city of Ramnagar (Corbett City). Travel and associated overnight stays are included in the overall cost of the Residency. For artists making their own way, the options for travelling from Delhi to Manila Hill Station are by public bus or private taxi. Trains travel part way and there is also a flight part way there from Delhi Airport to Pantnagar. Pantnagar is near Almora City and then one can travel by hired car from Almora City to Manila, which is a good distance away. Be advised that making one’s own way to the Residency is expensive and will take a long time.