Navrang Theater is a compilation of more than 25 young energetic people/artists. They belong to various visual art-forms but collectively they are forming a theater group for the local folks and the city. There are so many actors i.e. Mr. Gurpal Singh, Mr. Sudarshan Juyal and Sudheer Rikhari, Barnali Medhi (both from N.S.D.) and Mr. Prabhat Sah Gangola usually visit this group for their productions and bless them time to time.

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Plays of Navrang Theater

1- Pinti Ka Saabad

Date- 13 Sept 2015

As we had started on 2015, a theater production company- Navrang Theater, we had our first production named “Pinti Ka Saabad”. This is a story, written by Sanjay Khati. After 30 years around, a theater company formed in the city Ramnagar and performed successfully. It was performed with local amateur theater learners who dedicate their 3 months for this production with BHOR-Society. Handling and teaching 30 non-professional kids under 20 by age was a task.

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2- Ramleela Manchan by BHOR-Society

For better performance and other technicalities, BHOR-Society was appointed to play 13 days long Ramleela in city-Ramnagar. It was the golden opportunity to place into the heart of people of the city by this work which was very traditional and close to everybody’s heart and religion.
With collaboration of Pragatisheel Sanskritik Parvatiya Samittie, we signed an agreement for Ramleela and it was huge success. We tried successfully and raise the bar of performance via new experiments and international experience work-disciplines.

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3- Bholaram ki Aatma

Bholaram Ki Aatma was our second production for the financial year 2015-16, which was earlier passed in execute committee to produce two productions this year, at least. In this manner, it was our second effort in which many actors, music directors and other masters of theater guided us. This was a story of great satirical writer, “Harishankar Parsai Jee”. This story was about an old man who is pensioner and never gets his pension even after his retirement and he finally dies. It was a fatal satire over social and government system and more on people mentality. Story was scripted by all new artists, which was a great learning for whole team.

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4- Kabeera
Date- 14 August 2016

On 14 August 2016, Navrang Theater, Bhor-Society scheduled its third production named Kabeera. This play is based on “Kabeera Khada Bazaar me” by legendry “Bhism Sahni”. The production was a successful event and again a remarkable page on history of Theater in Ramnagar. Kabeera is an epic play, which has been played by legendry artists. In the very beginning of this theater company, performing Kabeera was really tough as it was 2 hours and 15 mts long play.




5- Soch

This main theme of the play was women empowerment. It was a 20 minutes short play which was performed for Uttarakhand police in Ramnagar and Haldwani. It is also played for so many schools in Ramnagar.

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6- Pratidhwani

This is very famous award winning play of Navrang Theater. This play is about Gaura devi which revolves around present women’s situation. We have performed this play at many places and won various prizes. This play is awarded for best play in Dwarahaat Theater Festival, runners up in Basantotatsav (Folk-Theater festival). More than 20 shows have been performed of Pratidhwani till now and many more to come.



7- Gora Saadhu

Ramnagar is known because of Jim Corbett Park- a world famous park and this park is named on famous “Edward James Corbett”. This play was dedicated to this personality. In Kumaun region people call him Gora Saadhu. This is a 35 min short play and we have performed Gora Saadhu for more than 2500 school kids in a day via showcasing 7 shows consecutively.

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