Meals & Accommodation

• You will share your room with one or two other artists. The rooms will be simple and clean: it is your responsibility to keep it this way.

• As it will be winter, warm blankets will be provided. However, you might want to bring your own sleeping bag for more comfort and for pure luxury a hot water bottle.

• You will be served meals according to the local culture three times a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food will be vegetarian. Be ready to eat spicy!

• Accommodation and food will observe the local traditions. It is a simple way of living that might be destabilizing at first, but we believe that a real cultural exchange would not be possible in a 5 star hotel. Living the Indian way during this residency will help you to totally immerse yourself in all those amazing traditions observed by the people of Orissa.

• Tea and coffee will be served on request.

• Pure filtered water will be supplied.

• It will also be possible to organize an international menu once a week, contingent on the Residency artists participating in the preparation. Artists are encouraged to bring items of food/drink from their own countries to facilitate this.

Know your Accommodation :