Accommodation & Meals

• The Residency will be based in the Himanila Hotel, a Manila Hill Station, in the Kumaon Region of the Almora District of Uttarackhand. During your stay all bedding will be provided by PECAH. It would be advised to bring your own towels and toiletries and flip flops can come in very handy for the showering area.

• Accommodation will be on a shared basis. The rooms will be neat and clean upon the artist’s arrival and then it will be his/her responsibility to keep the rooms clean on an ongoing basis. Facilities with regard to hot water for washing clothes, hair and showers, will be basic and involve heating your own water with an immersion rod.

• Pure filtered water for drinking will be provided and it is advised to bring a water bottle for carrying on excursions.                                                                                     

•Local food will be served by the hotel according to local culture.

• Meals will be thrice a day – Breakfast, lunch and dinner. The nearest village is about a Kilometre away and orders can be placed with team members for extra provisions and treats.

• Tea or coffee served any time on request.

• Once a week it will be possible to arrange an international menu, if artists are willing to participate in its preparation. Artists are invited to bring some food from their own countries to facilitate these meals. Handy TIP, it is advised to get an Indian Sim card at the Airport, as it is nigh on impossible to procure one in rural areas, if one is a tourist and not native to the country. The Airport, however will sell you an Indian Sim Card, that will keep you in contact with your loved ones at home. Only those who have been to India before would be aware of this.

The entire artist fraternity will be treated in a purely traditional way, from the welcome day up until farewell. Food will be simple and lodging will be basic and neat and clean.

Almora district is located in the Kumaon region of the state of Uttarakhand in northern India. The main town in Almora district, is that of Almora and this is a quaint town full of life, with a prosperous cultural inheritance and we will visit this town during the Residency.

History of the town of Almora:  Almora town is believed to be the ‘Artistic Capital’ of the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. It is surrounded by dense and impenetrable pine and fir trees. The rivers Koshi (Kaushiki) and Suyal (Salmale) flow along the town, giving it very charming, postcard perfect scenery for visitors. It is interesting to note that many prominent personalities have their roots in Almora. Hollywood actress Uma Thurman spent most of her childhood and teenage years in the town of Almora. Famous lyricist Prasoon Joshi, respected artist Uday Shankar and Mohan Upreti have also spent a part of their life in Almora. Famous cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s father stayed here and had farms here till 1964. Mahatma Gandhi was a great aficionado of Almora and stayed for fortnights at a stretch.

The life patterns of the Himalayan region are very challenging and different in comparison to small and big cities. The circumstances of these areas are challenging and satisfying. The people have plenty of time to relate with each other. Neighbours are like family and society consists of many people who are related. The whole village is a like a complete family as they call one another by specific relationship titles. Food pattern is typical “KUMAUNI” and people generally speak Hindi and Kumauni and also have a limited knowledge of English. Traditional music and craft arts are the occupations of the local people. Artists will find purity in nature and religious vibration in the hills.