Send us to – – the following:

1 Artist or Art Student CV, including personal and contact information.
2 Brief statement describing interests, artistic practice, creative, process, production or research line, inspiration, influences.
3 Motivation letter. Tell us the reasons why you want to be a part of this program.
4 Portfolio. Send us samples that represent your artistic work. From 5 to 15 images for the disciplines that allow so; if this is not the case, please send us what you consider can give us a clear idea of your work.
5 Artist proposal. With full understanding that P’urhé intends to promote an integral cultural Exchange, also involving local artist and residents of the village, we invite all artists to participate in one (at least) of the following options:
a) Develop an individual or group project during the period of the stay (collaborations will be welcome). Please include a brief description.
b) Bring a previous project to present on the final exhibition, or a performing participation (in the case of performing artists).
c) Teach a short workshop, plan a creative or integration activity involving the other artists, and people from the community if possible (highly recommended).

6. List of the workshops you are interested on taking, so we can arrange duration and schedules, as well as the amount of materials needed.


P’URHÉ Artistic Residency Michoacán has a cost of $ 1, 250 American dollars that cover:

– Accommodation and meals for the 5 weeks of the residency (in the place of the stay).

– Transportation from the International Airport Benito Juárez in México city to the place of the residency.

– Workshops and materials.
* If any artist needs additional materials or tools for personal projects, they will need to bring them along with them. The location of the residency place is in a rural environment, therefore, it might be complicated to find very specific materials. However, we will do our best to help artists with their personal projects and the materials needed, we strongly advice to let us know on advance about this so we can determine if it is best to bring stuff or we can easily find here.

– Creative walks

– Weekend trips. Transport, entrance fees to places of interest and accommodation outside the residency place (if needed) are included; however, meals during the weekends will be paid by the artists.

· Once accepted on P’urhé program, the artist will make a non refundable payment covering half of the total cost, through a bank transference or Paypal payment. The final payment shall be done before the residency starts or the first day on cash.

· The artist will cover the cost of transportation to Mexico city; and in the case of international artists, the expenses for Visa if it was necessary (Please consult the site of the National Institute of Migration:

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