Back to Life

“Back to Life”

Introduction – life is beautiful! Life is Pure! And Life is meant to be like as beautiful and pure as it exists. The mankind and human beings are primary and only ultimate goal of this happening and that is life. When this worldly life began to happen, social creatures came across to each other and started living in groups to protect themselves only. There was no other need other than this living-safely. Later on, they carried on this functioning and when they got to know the methods to live safely and other basic living formulas, they turned towards classical civilization from raw/ tribal or folk living. Here, the word “Raw/tribal/folk” stands for the living which was initial, verbal and technical for their needs only, whereas the classical civilization implies the infinite and endless limitations of human beings. The present scenario depicts a deadly picture of “No-Satisfaction”. We are reaching to new heights and new heights day by day. By leaps and bounds world is going to be more developed and more in “Danger”. We became developed and we created arms, ammunitions and now atomic energies and bio- diseases. What we can see about development is that the more you developed the more you powerful to rule over others. The classical civilization is smart enough to create theories and recreate existed theories according to their ease.

What is the matter- we are not against development and development agendas. We are against this endless , emotionless and one directional stream of world, where we are running, we are moving, we are creating, even we are living but we are suffering from each step taken towards development. For some people like scientific astrological researcher, the next worry might be an absurd objection but at some point we want to raise our disagreement for the moon/mars mission to be lived over there. This is really admirable to know about space and other world but a project in which we start sending people to the place where there is no air and nature to survive. We are ready to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to live in wilderness but not in countryside and in village (in India).

Saying- the lifestyle changed in last hundreds years shows that as much as we are moving towards city lights, we are becoming more greedy towards our desires, which is endless. The worldview of city people is way broader than people in villages. The desires are limited to day to day life and their small comfort. On the same hand people in cities or big metropolitans are looking for big desired to be fulfilled which has sky-limit as they have more access and bigger frame to design their dreams. And the saddest part of this world is the moment and definitions which gives support to city-lights which is supposed to be developed and the most essential element of human being (even more important than survival. Human have become enough smart to live in ventilator). The whole education and social system is made to become advance developed and technical at any cost. Buildings and concrete development is visible and more powerful than any other thing.

Almost all big cities around the world look similar. The same big brands, dressing sense, buildings and architectures, leisure, corporate culture are same and the people who live there, behave almost same in their social periphery. They speak almost same language (that is English), eat some international dishes. So basically the uniqueness of that particular place (cities) is in danger and all places are turning into one (which we call city or metros). People act like robots as they are almost same in dress and behavioural science. They search their future in buildings and big structures and their future is almost same that is advancement of their company in terms of economy.

Amitrya Sen- The novel prize winner, a big economist said to define development, “to enhance one’s creative energy is development”.

In this sense, everybody lies with some creative level and that is special and unique. In the same matter, every place is having its own identity and specialty, which we are losing in various names.

The other aspects in Cities- For living what is most essential- water, food and air. None of these are a good production of city-life. In fact villages are real source and provider of these requirements of human-beings. In some places, people pay for fresh air. We have started paying for fresh water or fresh Himalayan water. Which raise a big question mark towards our development process and direction? As more we go ahead in the race of advancement, the more we are lacking of natural resources (water, air and food). We are more reliable to market in urban areas, these days. Suppose, one day strike is called for transportation or market in cities; people are unable to find even food. How dependent are people in markets in urban areas because cities are not producer. City can produce machine, robots, chemical plants, business firms but not food, ground, water, air etc. what if all villages come to their end or the villagers starts shifting to cities only (which is unfortunately happening)? How the agriculture work will survive? Likewise so many other natural activities done by villagers will come to an end.
Concern- People along with Government are only focusing on upliftment of urban areas. If any scheme exists for rural development, that supports to make villages into towns and then cities because we have no concept of uniqueness and making villages.
The definition to work in village is to transform village into city by providing them leisure of cities in the name of development. Other than hospitals, education and other very important services the main aim is to provide them business plants either in tourism sector, or in other general way.

Problems to be faced- The problems to work in village are going to be uphill task. Not only social but also we have to encounter economical, educational, and psychological problems.

1. Social Problems- Working with village people can be enlarged at awareness level. They are fed up with their day –to-day life style. Televisions and market has made a weird structure and they have sketched some new social standards. Working with animals (pastoral), agriculture, is not in vague now. People don’t prefer carrying village life style in general. It has been shown low graded and poor people vocation. They have been portrayed as non-literate people. Western world come to see India and glad to watch cow and buffaloes even. This is not only with foreigners but also Indian do the same. City people come to village and become happy to see “poor village life style”. This sounds really funny that we consume a high quantity of milk and milk-made product but we don’t know how the production factory (animals-cow, buffalo) look likes. It would be shameful condition after some years (even that time has come) when new generations would read in books only about cow, buffaloes, goats and other domestic animals. . In fact we should rather call village- non literate animals to them. Cities are not allowed to disgrace social status. Here come one more issue, if we will convert all small places into cities, what would happen to this cycle of domestication of animals. There are so many social stigmas have taken birth which advocates city life as best and civilized. Therefore people are bound to leave villages for the sack of making social upliftment. To chase these psychological issues can be the most difficult challenge before us.

2. Educational aspects-The roots of all problems belong to education. What we read becomes perception towards things. The values generate at this level. The perception towards the life-styles of villages and cities are different. Cities are work and job- oriented. Cities are having great education hubs, whereas villages are lacking of good technical education. Well! This is correct so far but for what we are encouraging to getting educated. Jobs? Higher technical degrees? Everybody? We will have to work with these small but important issues. It will make people to live in villages by encouraging their traditional practices. Giving them education in their traditional work would be a great but challenging concept in front of us.

3. Economical challenges- Market is always a deal for villages. We need to establish a proper market and a chain to join them with big markets too. International market can join hands directly to village markets. This would be our work. Agriculture, art and craft work and other important goods should be channelized properly to markets. They are dependent on city/town market where they have been encountered by market pimps.

4.Psychological barriers- The most and important part of “back to life” is psychological aspect. People have to re-think and re-design the concepts, they have made with the help of educational, social and economical reforms.

Our Plans- As we are working in the field of arts, craft and culture of dying and other regular communities, we understand the concept of uniqueness and traditionalism. The definition of tradition and culture is the continuity and dynamicity as Change is the only constant of this world. Every place is full of some creative and natural ingredients and that is the key point. We want to work with those creative energies of people where they can give their best with full enthusiasm but not like forced labour which is migrated by their own survival problems of their native places. We need to provide people their comfort zone and basic amenities to make them survive their families. Once we are able to give them these easy things, we can find out their best comfort zone which would be beneficial to everyone.
The planning for villages’ sustainable development starts from this key-note, “Develop village in their original village form. It should not be like putting up industries, factories in the name of employment. It should not be full of city-leisure i.e. domestic luxuries.
The other points in some of the villages in India (especially in Northern Himalayan villages) related to development is low population. Govt. is not ready to set up any developmental scheme (i.e. basic living facilities) because they have valid points of no population. On the same hand people are not ready to live there because of no basic amenities settled down by Govt. So it would be a nicer way to work in both the direction at a point. We can work as a bridge to stop village became abandoned.

“We want back our Pure and Beautiful life. So we are going to work for it. It is not just a project. It is our life. We need Blessing and Support for this project. We are seeking support from Govt. and Corporate sectors…..!!”