Ramnagar Open Air Festival

Ramnagar open air festival

Ramnagar open air film festival

It was held on 15th -16th  June, 2012 in Asthan mall’s premises. In three sections, the films had been showed, which was Documentary, Short films and Retro.

This was its very first kind of experiment of “BHOR” in collaboration with a society, “SIRFF” to the small city, “Ramnagar”, Nainital. We tried to make a quite different aura to the local people and make them accustomed of parallel cinema, which was not an easy task. Our effort was being praised by local as well as film and cine stars.

As it is said by-

  •  Mr. Rakesh Bedi , actor
  • Namit Das, Director, Documentaries and short films
“I am extremely happy that you people are conducting the RAMNAGAR FILM FESTIVAL. it’s very encouraging to note that today world cinema is being seen and appreciated by film loving “students” in all the remote corners of the country, It’s a matter of great pride for me that you are showcasing my film CHASHME BUDDOOR in this fest. I would love to be a Part of it sometime. Wishing you the best. -RAKESSH BEDI”

“Full support to the team at SIRFF and Bhor..independent activities like these need to be encouraged as films are an expression..and in 2013 everybody has the right to make their expression come to life..and platforms like these are ideal for your expression to be experienced by the world..thank u again n keep up the good work..namit
-Team sirff wishes you all the best for Ghanchakkar

These were the showcases of “Ramnagar Open Air Film Festival”-

15 June, 2012-
1) Izzat nagar ki Asabhya betiyan (Nakul Sawhney)
2) Superhero (Nitin Das)
3) Reflections (Manjot Kaang)
4) Migration (Meera Nair)
5) Jane bhi do yaro (kundan Sah) -legendary classic movie

16 June, 2012- 
1) Second Wind (Ankur Kapoor)
2) Thief (Nitin Das)
3) Fallen leaf
4) Kachre wali
5) Main Tumhara Kavi Hoon- Vidrohi (Nitin K Pamnani)
6) Chasme Baddoor-old