Short Film

Rikkt is an effort of all new comers youngsters of small town. The film revolves around a question to the so called makers and dominative half of the society- Males. Especially in India, even after 21st century, women’s condition is so poor and vulnerable, although throughout the world, the scenario is same, except some places, if it suppose. How and what males believe regarding a women, a girl, a lady or a female is questionable. Males have made society as they wish it. The rules and regulations are different for a male and female. So here comes this short film about a question or can say so many questions, why? And the society remains blank, RIKKT. For this film we are thankful to our whole team especially “PANT CLINIC”

Cast of the film-

Milind Bisht– as Gauri

Sumit Lohni- as Sumit

Reeta Bisht- as Ashmita and Anju

Directed By- Sanjay Rikhari

Produced by- Bhor Society

Special Thanks- PANT CLINIC