PECAH- “Programme of Exchange in Culture and Art of Himalayas” is an opportunity to exchange ideas and skills with the traditional art forms of the Himalayas in Uttarkhand, India. PECAH is dedicated to spreading the radical flavour of Uttarakhand’s art forms. Artists will come to know the vast cultural palate of this region and local people will also benefit from this exchange, for “art and artisan have no boundaries”. Interaction and collaboration with local artists and the inspirational aura is the major priority of PECAH.

The point, where the concept of “PECAH” came alive within us, was a vibrant discussion over the loss of humanity and a large dissatisfaction with a large portion of the world. When this discussion was at its zenith, we decided to seek the reason behind it. We realized that we are over dependent on the materialistic world and ignoring the non-materialistic world. We are losing our emotions by holding onto material life, where we have no time for our own selves. In the name of development we are forgetting the real meaning of life. Remembering the quote of Nobel Prize Winner, Dr. AmrityaSen, “Development is the liberation of our creative energy”, we decided to establish PECAH, where we thought of organising a camp of various people from different parts of the world where they can meet and share one another’s weals and woes via colour, music, lyrics, musical instruments, language, theatre and much more.



Team PECAH (BHOR-Society) is initiating different workshops for small scale industries for the local folks of Uttarakhand. These workshops will take place within the premise of residential area of PECAH. Artists are allowed, if they desire for their participation/suggestions in any ways in order to achieve the level of sustainable development of this Himalayan region.


Schedule of PECAH-2019

February 16th– Welcome ceremony.
February 18th to March 15th 2019– Workshops in Manila

There will be an exhibition at the end of the residency. It is the occasion to show the work of our international artists along with local artists as well. To see contemporary art along with traditional Indian art.

March 17th 2019– closing ceremony.

A member of Res artis

A member of Res artis


This Exchange Programme is going to be held in “Manila”, in the region of ALMORA, Uttarakhand, India (not to be confused with Almora City). In the district of Almora, there are hill stations full of cultural integrity. The Almora region is full of beautiful natural surroundings, jungle views and ancient trees. It is famous for its artists and its artistic sense, which can be widely seen and experienced. Artists will certainly enjoy this Exchange Programme in the lap of the Himalayas.


Pencil sketch by Bhashkar Pandey

Pencil sketch by Bhashkar Pandey 


***”Bhashkar Pandey”, an emerging artist says, ” This Exchange Programme will be a great fusion of all artists of west and east”. He adds, “as there is no boundary of art, colours, paint, thought and culture, it is an effective way to prove these words” (for more drawings by Bhashkar Pandey, visit our website gallery).