The residency will take place in the town of Angahuan (from P’urhépecha Angahuani, that means “place beyond de hill”, in the region of the Meseta P’urhépecha in the state of Michoacán. An indigenous town that seems to be frozen on time, a privileged place that keeps infinity of prehispanic traditions, festive celebrations, typical cuisine, costumes; it has held treasures throughout centuries.

· Today, it is a touristic destiny that offers a wide window, from which, one can behold the Paricutín Volcano in all its greatness, the youngest volcano in the world, considered a natural wonder. In the year of 1943, it covered a whole town, San Juan Parangaricutiro – large earthenware jaro on the hill- keeping visible only the church tower. The ruins of the town and the volcano crater can be reached by foot or by horse, available for rent in town.

· P’urhé will be run in a natural park of cabins, in a forest, one kilometer away from the main village. October is the end of the raining season and the beginning of the cold season. It is advised to bring along a sleeping bag and proper shoes and clothing, for cold nights are expected.

· Rooms will be on a shared basis; there is the option of having a private room incurring on extra cost (if this was the case, it should be mentioned on the application so the needed arrangements can be done). There is also the possibility of bringing a camping tent, for there is a huge open air land where camping is possible. Showers and restrooms will be shared.

· There are common areas and open air areas, a big building to be used for multiple tasks, as a studio or classroom, and to develop personal or common projects.

· Phone and 3G signal is available for mobiles and smartphones, WI-FI signal will only be available in town or during the weekend trips.


· 3 meals per day will be offered to residents (breakfast, lunch and dinner), as well as drinking water, coffe and tea at any time during the day; as an important issue on the program, the menu will be based on the traditional cuisine of the area.

To mention that Mexican cuisine is highly spicy and the use of pepper is very common, however it will be possible to prepare food according to the preferences of the participants, including vegetarian meals if requested. We strongly advise to mention on the application form any allergies or resistance to specific ingredients.

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