Observational field

  • To plan & implement technical, social & awareness programs  for the purpose of the upliftment of the social status of farmers, craftsmen, and labours.
  • To provide all types of modern medical facilities at nominal expenses to the general public for the development of health.
  • To organize public health awareness programs and workshops.
  • To preserve, develop and research ancient, traditional and innovative medical treatment techniques.
  • To set up schools, libraries and reading rooms for the development of education.
  • To provide information and help in the implementation of government sponsored programs/schemes related to child and women’s development.
  • To publish knowledge and upcoming literati’s literature free of cost.
  • To work for the development of science, literature and the arts.
  • To propose sports programs, create an interest in sports and to identify sports people at ground level to organize programs in this regard and to develop basic facilities and set up training centres for this purpose.
  • Conservation of folk arts, to create means of entertainment and organize cultural programs for the general public.
  • To organize programs for the purpose of advertisement and expansion of educational, social, physical and spiritual development of the general public.
  • To provide cost free training facilities to the unemployed youth for the purpose of setting up cottage industries, village industries, micro and small industries and generate awareness for employment regeneration.
  • To set up training centres for the purpose of promotion of village industry according to Gandhi’s ideas and to work for the advertisement and expansion of this aim.
  • To organize and conduct entrepreneurship development programs.
  • To guide entrepreneurs in starting up businesses without any fee and to facilitate entrepreneurs through various means to run their businesses well.
    In the interest of industrialization and industrial potential, society will organize, research and survey programs.
  • To conduct research, training and development programs in the field of information & technology.
  • To develop, promote and conserve all causes related to environment conservation.
  • To motivate general public in regard to forest and wild life protection and work for these causes.
  • To work in the field of agricultural techniques and to promote new techniques amongst farmers.
  • To research herbs for cultivation and develop cultivation techniques and extension work amongst farmers.
    To establish linkage between farmers & industry and provide consultation to farmers and industry without any cost.
  • To promote agriculture based businesses and industries by helping in training, establishing and marketing in areas such as animal husbandry, apery, rabbit rearing, poultry farming and mushroom cultivation etc.
  • To promote adventure tourism such as rock climbing etc.
  • To make society aware of consumer rights.
  • To make people aware of and educate them about human rights and rights to information and education.
  • To conduct surveys, studies and research related to social welfare.
  • To conserve  and develop extinct handicrafts and to help in marketing these crafts.
  • To work for the conservation of water through various modes.
  • To organize required programs related to river conservation and how to keep them free of pollution.
  • To construct museums for the freedom fighters and to maintain such museums.
  • To work for the promotion of “Ashtang yoga” through training programs.
  • To organize various programs aimed at pollution control and environmental protection.
  • To organize various skills development programs in the fields of industry, agriculture, tourism, and education.
  • To organize above programs with the help of governmental, semi-governmental and other organizations to fulfill the aims of the society.