30 Days – “PREMC”

PREMC is an unique art residency that encourages you to immerse yourself in the local culture of Orissa. You will experience various aspects of Indian culture over the four week period and will explore different themes on a weekly basis. Each week will be divided into two segments: at the beginning of the week you will participate in various activities planned to help you learn about and understand the local culture and the latter half of the week will be devoted to your personal work, newly inspired by Orissa’s traditions. Throughout the residency, invited experts, guest artists and specialists will discuss Indian culture and off-site visits will also be organized. Artists are free to either join in the planned activities or to do their own personal work – however, please keep in mind that our main focus, in the first part of each week, will be that of Cultural Exchange.

Here is a summary of the four weeks:

1. First week- Fairs & Festivals- Numerous fairs and festivals are held in Mayurbhanj during January. We will discover the joy, the emotions, the flame and the zeal of the celebrations and much more, according to the different moods of the various festivals. An expert will guide and translate the rituals of the locals, in order to help you understand them at a deep level and bring the same emotion to your own art form.

2. Second week- Folklore, Beliefs and Superstitions- India, especially Orissa, is full of stories related to the faith and beliefs of the people. There are plenty of places with colourful interesting backgrounds and . we will visit these places to learn about the myths, beliefs, superstitions and stories behind the virtual surface.

3. Third week- Tribal world- This experience is the feature key of PREMC. We are going to live in Jashipur, Mayurbhanj (district), which is surrounded by tribal communities. Tribal life is a magical world outside of the sophisticated luxurious world. With a low standard in terms of tangible objects, tribal can be the happiest soul with immense intangible values. Their music, relationships, homes, deities, folktales and rituals are a real source of artistic inspiration.

4. Indian Mythology and Gita- – Professionals will share their knowledge and discuss with us Indian Mythology and the holy book “Geeta”. During this section, Indian yoga, deep meditation and asanas will be elaborately explained. Here we will not go for reading Gita and other Mythological books of Hindus but we would practice them as a tool that how one can escape from stress in present scenario via these “knowledge”.

“Dantha dance by Santhali tribe”



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At the end of the residency, a two day Seminar will be organised. During these two days, we will discuss the different art forms experienced over the 30 days and we will be inviting 50 Indian students to do article presentations on various artistic and cultural themes. We would like that all residency artists participate in this seminar, both by sharing your own practice/artwork and also by writing an article on the cultural issues explored throughout the residency and sharing these written articles within the Seminar context. Subsequent to the Seminar these articles and the artistic work will be compiled into a book with an ISSN number