Sannrityam is a first initiative in entire Uttarakhand which explores and help artists to find an art space for art practices. Sannrityam represents a collection of art and artisans which pushes creativity, new approaches and new execution. This place is fixed and nominated for different artists and different art approaches for free.
For an artist, art space/studio is the biggest task to be achieved. Working with creative people is always a pleasure. Thus BHOR- Society has planned to set up a place for those artist, who want to work and Sannrityam is an alias for this.

Initiative of Sannrityam-

Sannrityam Art Space


With association of Nagar Palika it was decided to create an art center in Ramnagar. It was a proposal from our side to Nagar Palika to establish a proper art center cum art gallery cum a museum in city. It was welcomed by Municipality and they provide a space in the midst of city. It is a great move for betterment of art and various artisans. Our mission for Sannrityam is very particular and clear that is to promote art and artists via providing space and platforms to them.
In this series, renowned artists from different background were chosen for advisory committee for BHOR Society and especially to guide this cause. These disciplines are chosen for Sannrityam, initially-

  • An Online library (in concentration of literature of Kumauni and Garwali collection and for art work)
  • Theater space
  • Traditional Music center
  • Folk and traditional Dance Center
  • Classical music and dance
  • Visual Arts
  • Folks and traditional art forms
  • Sculpture art
  • A small museum
  • Collection of documentaries and short films
  • Data Collection
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Sannrityam School Of Arts


This is a school dedicated to all visual and performing art based on Guru-Shisya Parampara (Traiditional Indian Teacher-Taught relationship). This is first step for creating artistic environment in city, state, country and all over the world.
“Sannrityam-School of Art is not only a School; it is a place where you know about yourself and what you are.”

“Sannrityam-School of Art” is providing classes for these art streams in the center with highly trained esteemed Gurus-

  1. Hindustani Classical Vocal
  2. Classical Dance Form- Kathak
  3. Tabla
  4. Acting/theater
  5. Guitar Lessons
  6. Harmonium/ Dholak
  7. Sculpture
  8. Waste material and small workshops on Himalayan art forms i.e. Aipen
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Various Summer Camps

Summer Camp 2016 –Young Artist Participation

We are currently working with kids from age 4 to age of 25. This workshop is to enhance their creative energy via theater, music, dance, clay, and sculpture, Acting/Theater, Yoga and Meditation. It ended up with a book in which participants’ poetry, art, designs and other creative forms.




Summer Camp 2017 – DARPAN

This year again we worked with kids. This year for the workshop we had more than150 applications for only 30 seats. We held this workshop was only 7 days. We ended up this splendid workshop with a beautiful final day celebration commenced with Kathak Dance and mingled with theater production, some dance (Solo and group) and a self-composed and written song.

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Malhaar Sandhya

Malahar Sandhya is our annual musical event which is very classical and dedicated to Classical ragas particular to raga Malhaar, Desh, Bahar and megh and related to rainy season. Invited Artists fulfills heart of audience and we are planning to continue this and have already added this event to the calendar of BHOR’s event.

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Sannrityam Theater festival(27-29 January 2017)

It is three days Inter-School Theater Competition. There were 10 participatory School who performed on various social issues i.e. save girl child, dowry ets. In this three day festival more than 200 students participated and also they got to know the minutes and detailing of acting by our experts.
For the year 2017-18 we are planning to execute this theater competition at district level.

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