बिग़डैलो की मज्लिस

बिग़डैलो की मज्लिस, is a multi- dimensional platform for writers, where we conduct sittings for their listeners and also promote new writers.
It is a small effort for writers and those writing. it is not for any specific language but we are starting with kumauni Language. It is not only for writers. Its is also a effort for language. So listeners is also a very important part of this sitting.
This work start see the condition of languages. Everyone wants learn English, french etc but no one wants learn Hindi, Sanskrit and our mother language like local language.
That the reason it is going to be die. Some few people knows our local language, Its very bad situation for a culture or tradition.
Our effort is for this culture and tradition language. Because we think that language is for sharing our emotion, our part of life not for showing our stander, our education etc.
So This effort is purely for a language.